Access from anywhere!

Get Unrivalled Functionality

With the Fortuna Cloud version there is no limitation on functionality. You get the responsive and intuitive desktop experience whilst your data is still in the cloud! Each site has its own dedicated server ensuring full data security and privacy protection. There is no sharing of resources and you can also get a full backup and restore at anytime. Since most screens are cahced locally you can sort, search and filter records at speeds that no other browser based system can match. Instead of navigating from page to page, Fortuna allows you to access all the information from one screen saving you time and making you more productive. Since it works in its own environment there are not browser restrictions or compatibility issues. Fortuna allows you to access your data from any PC or Mac


Fortuna Connect Web

The Fortuna Connect web application compliments the cloud based desktop application when you want access from any device or browser. Add or update the latest client information without the need to sync with the main database. All the information is updated live to your server. Whether you are on the road, doing an open house or in a cafe, Fortuna Connect allows you to access and update information on the go.




Fortuna Connect App

The Fortuna Connect Mobile App is a subset of the main application. Functionality and screen design is suited for mobile applications both Android and iOS.