Property Management

PM Control Center

The intuitive control center allows you to access your PM functions with ease. The PM functions are organised under entities: Tenants, Owners, Receipts and others. Clicking on each entity makes available a number of links. So whether you want to add a receipt, make a repair request, or creating an invoice - you can do so with just one click.


PM Dashboard

The PM Dashboard gives you the latest update on the current arrears, expiring leases, inspections due, and pending repair requests. Revenue and rent roll graphs helps you monitor your PM income and size of your rent roll.




Owner Management

Fortuna PM allows you to view your Owner YTD Balances including Rent Collected, YTD Management Fees, Expenses, Amount Withheld and Current YTD Balances. Owner Ledgers can be viewed onscreen and printed as well. Print the income and expenses statement at any time. Access and update Owner details from the Owner List. Fortuna allows you to group several properties under one owner and also manage split ownership. Owner Balances are checked each time an invoice is created or repair request made ensuring there is always enough balance on the Owners Account.


Tenant Management

Stay on top of tenant arrears using the PM Dashboard and Tenant List. SMS, Email and Mail Merge functions are available to instantly send reminders to the Tenants in arrears. You can also setup the system to send automatic reminders. Tenant ledgers can be viewed and printed at anytime for any date range. Any correspondence with the tenant are recorded on the ledger for easy reference.



Chart of Accounts

Fortuna has an inbuilt chart of accounts categorised into income and payment groups. You can easily add or modify existing account codes to suit your requirements. You can hide the account catgeories you don't use and enable or disable the GST. YTD Account Balances are maintained for quick reference.



End of Month (EOM)

End of Months are a breeze with Fortuna's EOM Wizard. Owners Statements can be grouped for fortnightly and monthly processing. A mandatory backup ensures you can rollback and start over. Owner statements, Payment Lists, ABA files, Trust Trial Balance, Trust Ledgers, Payments and Receipts are printed to PDF as a batch. You can preview and check the owner statements on screen before emailing them to the owners. You can draw the management fee or carry forward the balance to the next month. The payment list provides a balance check.




Fortuna allows you to easily generate Creditor and Tenant Invoices using single or multiple invoice items. You can create and pay the invoice in one step thus saving you time. Fortuna allows you to make part payments towards the invoice amount. Inbuilt balance checks prevents you from overdrawing the owners account, allocating the invoice for future payment when a balance is available. Original invoice scans can be attached to the invoice and sent automatically to the owner along with the Owner Statement.




Are you managing a shopping plaza or mixed commercial units? Fortuna allows you to group mulitple shops under one owner. You can work on actual or estimated outgoings. Tenants can be invoiced periodically with summary of current outstanding. You can receipt part payments of rent and close the invoice once all rent and outgoings have been paid. You can have upto six outgoings scheduled.